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Mobile App Development

For sleek, beautiful and functional iPhone, iPad and Android applications and responsive HTML5 websites.

So you want to get ready for the mobile web?

  • But mobile development raises a lot of questions which have no quick answers. Questions like,
  • Should you go with a native app, or should you go cross-platform with a hybrid app or a responsive HTML5 website?
  • Should you focus on only one platform (iOS, Android, etc) or should you go with a cross-platform approach?
  • How would the new enterprise app interact with your existing IT assets like databases and corporate networks?
  • How would you deal with user data? Should it be stored on the cloud or on the device?
  • How can you make the user experience optimal and contextual?

Get any one of these answers wrong and you are looking at a failed project.

At Lucid Outsourcing Solutions, we offer a comprehensive solution for all your mobile development needs.

We developed native apps for major platforms as well as HTML5 websites and apps.

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